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The Year 3 Team:

Shakespeare Class - Miss Levey & Miss Mitchell

Elizabeth Class - Mr Brown & Miss Richards

Mozart Class- Miss Butler & Miss Connor/Miss Chapman

Term 6 Newsletter


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Term 6 Home Learning


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Term 6



In term 6, we will begin by looking at properties of shape. We will start be revisiting previous learning from year 2, before looking at angles and turns and then moving on to focus on measuring and drawing accurately.  To finish this block, we will be developing our understanding of both 2D and 3D shapes by looking more closely at their properties and introducing the word 'polygon' as a way to describe a closed shape with 3 or more sides. 

For the final block of year 3, we will focus on statistics. During this block, the children will learn to read and interpret  data from a range of graphs and charts including pictograms, bar charts and line graphs. Finally, they will collect their own data and represent this in the same formats. 



In Term 6, or text will be "A Planet Full of Plastic" by Neal Layton. This book links perfectly to our Science learning for this term of recycling and protecting the environment. This will be a change from the other books we have read this year and will be our first non-fiction text. 

We will be using this text to pull in all the skills we have learned this year to create leaflets and writing to persuade. We will also take part in a class debate to argue for change over the way we treat our planet.

In our Destination Reader session we will be reading "The Proudest Blue". This will give the children the opportunity to build on their predicting, inferring, questioning, summarising and evaluating skills through class discussions and guided reading style comprehension tasks. 


 History and Geography

In term 6 our Geography based theme will continue to be 'People All Over the World'. This term we will be focusing on Bagdad and the Early Islamic Civilisation. We will then be comparing this part of the world with Tobago and England. We will focus of the achievements in Science and Medicine of the Early Islamic Civilisation and comparing this to what we already know about the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians. Finally, we will look at the impact of the British Empire on both Tobago and Bagdad and learning how they both became independent. 

Our stunning start for this term will link to our Science and English learning, where we will use plastic and other recyclable materials to create our own junk modelling.

To end our term and our time in year 3, our Fab Finish will see everyone turn into Youtubers. The children will work in groups to create their own video campaign to persuade people of the importance of recycling and to highlight what they have learned about the impact single use plastics are having on our planet. 


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Year 3 - Meet the Teacher

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Year 3 - Curriculum Overview

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