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Shakespeare Class - Miss Levey & Miss Pollard

Elizabeth Class - Mr Brown & Miss Roberts

Mozart Class- Miss Butler & Miss Richards

Term 6 Newsletter


Term 6


In term 6, we will begin by looking at properties of shape. We will start be revisiting previous learning from year 2, before looking at angles and turns and then moving on to focus on measuring and drawing accurately.  To finish this block, we will be developing our understanding of both 2D and 3D shapes by looking more closely at their properties and introducing the word 'polygon' as a way to describe a closed shape with 3 or more sides. 

For the final block of year 3, we will focus on statistics. During this block, the children will learn to read and interpret  data from a range of graphs and charts including pictograms, bar charts and line graphs. Finally, they will collect their own data and represent this in the same formats. 



In Term 6, our Power of Reading text will be 'One Plastic Bag' by Miranda Paul. This book links perfectly to our Science theme 'Recycling and Pollution'. This beautiful picture book takes place in Gambia and will give the children the opportunity to look closely at life in another country and how our actions can have a long term impact on the planet. In this final term, we will work to consolidate everything the children have learned this year. We will write for a range of purposes and also give the children the opportunity to have a go at their own creative writing using the predicting and inferring skills previously taught. 

Each day, our English lessons will begin with Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. This term, we will work to consolidate this year's learning, ensuring the children have a deeper understanding of the punctuation taught and can use this successfully in their writing. We will also continue to use dictionaries to find the meaning of new words and a thesaurus to develop use of language. 



In term 6, our Geography based theme will continue to be 'People All Over the World'. We will be comparing the United Kingdom to Gambia. This will allow us to deepen our skills of using an atlas to find locations and plot these on our own maps. We will then look at the human and physical features of Gambia, thinking about how this differs from the United Kingdom and Tobago.

To begin this term, we will be going on a litter pick to help keep our school environment clean and do our bit to protect the environment and the living things around us. 

To end our term, our Fab Finish will see us become film directors. The children will work in groups to create their own YouTube video about protecting the environment, allowing them to show their understanding of the three R's (Recycle, Reduce, Re-use) and how this is important for the world around us.  


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