Year 1

Welcome to our Year One group webpage!

The Year One Team:

Churchill Class taught by Miss Howes & Mrs McDonnell

Dickens Class taught by Miss Sutton & Miss Bragg

Earhart Class taught by Miss Field & Mrs Phillips

Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Curran

Miss Burke


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Term 5



This term we are starting a new learning journey with our theme of:

'All Creatures Great and Small’  


What was it like during the Ice Age?

We will go back in time and discover which animals have become extinct and learn about

 life during the Ice Age.


How do we classify animals?

During this learning experience, we will explore how to classify animals and learn the correct vocabulary


How is Hextable different to the African Savannah?

We  are comparing human and phyiscal features of our local area to the African Savannah.


This term the children will be looking at developing their understanding of place value for 2-digit numbers as they begin to partition numbers to 50. The will begin to count in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s.

Numbots TT Rockstars


During our English lessons this term we will be exploring our new book ‘Sunshine at Bedtime' by Clare Helen Welsh. We will follow Miki on her magical adventures as she learns about the science behind linger, lighter evenings in summer. Can we help Miki know why the sun has forgotten to go to bed?

Please continue to hear your child read regularly at home, both their school reading book, and a book just for enjoyment.

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Stunning Start

Can you guess who left behind the footprints?

What has arrived around our school? Have you seen these animal footprints before? What can we learn about them?

Fabulous Finish

Wingham Wildlife Park

We will be visiting Wingham Wildlife Park and exploring all of the animals we have learnt about this term!



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