Recovery Curriculum

As a result of the 2020 pandemic and lockdown, the leadership and teaching team thought about what our curriculum might look like for children in the next phase of school, after what had been a very unsettling and strange situation. As we prepared to embark on the journey towards next term, a 'recovery curriculum' has been created, ready to be implemented into our everyday practice. 

Within our new pedagogies, we acknowledged that there had been huge losses to children, all of which may have affected pupil's mental health. Children would perhaps have experienced anxiety, trauma or bereavement at times, or possibly all at once. These sudden and unplanned experiences could have left children feeling vulnerable. Equally, whether we had intended to or not, children will had been exposed to adults who were anxious and may not have acted in their normal way or maintained the usual routines which they were used to. This is why we worked hard to consider all of the needs and routines that children will need in place ready for their return to school in September 2020 and beyond.


To help us support the children in the best way possible, our recovery curriculum focuses on five main areas;







Follow the links below to peruse our aims for our recovery curriculum and see what these will look like within our school:

Relationships Aims and Expectations

Community Aims and Expectations

Transparency Aims and Expectations

Metacognition Aims and Expectations

Re-discovery Aims and Expectations