Outdoor Learning!

Outdoor Learning can be used to support the teaching of all curriculum subjects as well as offering opportunities for children to learn transferrable skills such as communication, problem solving, initiative and risk taking. It can also be used to build on relational development where children can build their leadership and teamwork skills. 

Outdoor Learning at Hextable Primary School 

At Hextable Primary School we aim to enable our children to use the outdoors as a motivating and inspiring learning environment wherever possible as it provides a stimulating and engaging context. We believe that taking learning outside is great for promoting confidence, social skills, motivation and perseverance; skills that can be used in the classroom and other settings.

Please take a look at some pictures from our outdoor learning sessions below!





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We are very pleased that Hextable Primary School have achieved our Green Tree School Awards. We are hoping to continue as a Green Tree School and successfully achieve our Platinum Award.